How Much Would It Cost to
Change Philips Zoom Guides?

Unlimited chip Bleach Infiniter

Instruction of instalation
Free shipping with tracking code. Takes from 14 to 25 days.

Unlimited light guide with Bleach Infiniter

Free DHL express door-to-door shipping. Takes from 2 to 5 days.

Guides for WhiteSpeed and Zoom. How it works?


Just use our Light guide with installed our chip Bleach Infiniter Ultra.


Your Zoom never will ask "replace guide". You will have "4 of 4 sessions" forever!


120 minutes long tests and demonstration

How much you will really save

The prime cost of the original 1 patient Zoom kit achieves $120. Without our chip, the clinic is forced to spend this particular amount of money each time it buys a new kit.
The price of Bleach Infiniter is 389$; we have special offers for dealers and engineers!
After installing Bleach Infiniter for zoom, you can buy any other whitening paste designed for a larger patients’ turnover. It will be much cheaper than Zoom Chairside Kit - just calculate the price per procedure! For instance, Beyond Max5® whitening treatment kit is designed for 5 patients, and its price is up to $115, which means the prime cost of one session per patient is up to $23.
Since the cost of one syringe from a kit with any alternative bleaching gel is five times lower than the cost of one syringe from the original Zoom kit, you will pay it back very quickly and start earning after installing Zoom Bleach Infiniter!

30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee!

We decided to take off any risks from you. Potential customers are often scared off by the possibility of getting a non-working device. Therefore, our team provides 30-day MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE once you receive the product. This way, you will have enough time to try our Bleach Infiniter.

We offer PayPal payments system to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations by the seller. In case the customer does not accept any conditions or stays dissatisfied, he can request his money back. Read more about user protection and security on the official PayPal website:

Warranty period is 10 years.
We are sure that every client will stay satisfied!

What do people who use it say about the Bleach Infiniter?

Helen Naumova
Dental Doctor
We have been using Philips equipment for teeth whitening for 5 years, but the guides seemed very expensive, because we often need to buy new Whitespeed Chairside Kit. We bought Infiniter which made guides for zoom bleaching much easier and cheaper. Such decision allowed us to buy only gels for teeth whitening, and we do not pay for the chip. I want to thank Bleach Infiniter for such innovation, for such an adapter, and for the fast delivery.

Manager of the dental clinic, Moscow
As any businessman wants to save, but at the same time that would not be damaged quality. In this we helped Bleach Infiniter for Zoom, which can unlock WhiteSpeed and give an unlimited number of cycles. Thanks to that guides for zoom whitening, we saved a large amount of money and did not lose in quality. It works on all modes (Low, Medium, High). At work there were no failures and censures, we get a chic result. For a year the battery-powered version was working, and for the New Year we received a new version as a gift - guide for zoom dental (chip without batteries). It is more convenient. The acquisition of Bleach Infiniter is one of the most profitable investments lately.

I was advised to take apart Philips Zoom and attach the lamp switcher, but I did not want the technician to adjust such a complicated and expensive device. The colleague who has already tried Bleach Infiniter advised me it by proving there is an external solution without the need to get into the details. I am already using Infiniter for more than a year, and I am satisfied with its functionality like original guide for zoom discus dental.

Dental Equipment Technician
Isn’t it wonderful that there is a device capable of solving the problem of limitation? It is a very favorable offer in terms of convenience and price, especially since the guys offer a discount for technicians. I’ve already installed Bleach Infiniter to some of my regular customers and help them with expensive guides for zoom advanced power. They are pleased with its work, which allows me to gain some extra money.

Dental doctor therapist in Moscow
My name is Arik. I'm a dental doctor therapist in Moscow.
We have been using Zoom lamp for about 2 years. Four months ago, we bought a special adapter. What is the purpose of the adapter? It gives us the ability to use the Zoom lamp without any restrictions and guides for zoom discus. It means we don't have to buy a full bundle (gel and chip) for each procedure anymore. We purchase only gel. So, we have successfully reduced the cost of the bleaсhing procedure. I will demonstrate you how it works. At the moment, the zoom is turned off. We turn zoom lamp on to find out the lamp is not working. Now, we activate the adapter, and we get a working lamp! That is how we reduce the costs of bleaching procedure. It will make the process of teeth whitening more available for customers. We are thankful to Bleach Infiniter for giving us such opportunity. Good luck!

Start saving

Send message to us, and we will contact you to send Bleach Infiniter

- cost 389$

- special offers for dealers and engineers

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History of creation

An intern has accidentally chosen to start the procedure of teeth whitening on Philips Zoom, but the patient was not served. At the same time, the procedure was written off. The trainee was reprimanded, and a month later, another girl repeated the same mistake.

The doctor was upset and complained to the engineer. He wondered how it was possible to make that sort of mistake. He could not get why such devices do not have any protection against the accidental operations.

A computer engineer wanted to decipher the operation protocol just for fun. As a result, after 2.5 months of restless night shifts in 2015 he managed to develop a device adapter that solved the problem of consumables.

Local hospital management shared this innovation with its friends from the other clinics. The news about this adapter spread very quickly. Soon, other hospitals asked the engineer to make the same adapters for them.

This, in response to high demand, it was decided to sell Bleach Infiniter to all interested parties.

During 2016 and 2017 years we were trying to minimize Infiniter that has size 17*37*63 mm and it has wire and 3 AAA batteries.

As a result in September 2017 we developed new product Bleach Infiniter Ultra. Bleach Infiniter Ultra is only small electronic board/chip with size 1*8*18 mm.

Promotions and discounts

We have some discounts:

- $9 off. If you buy only chip (without light guide). You will have to spend 1 minute to replace original chip in light guide. Watch installation guide.
- $39 off. If you save on DHL delivery that takes about 3 business days only. Delivery via airmail with a tracking code to Europe and USA takes about 2 weeks.

- $49 off. Use both previous discount.

- $110*3 off. Wholesale price for chip is 270$ if you buy 3 pcs in 1 order (free DHL shipping).

About taxes and customs

The price for Infiniter is only 3$. And 387$ is price for consulting service and software in Infiniter.
So in the packaging there will be invoice for 3$ and no questions on customs.


1. Is it right that I simply take out the old chip and then insert the adapter chip to conduct an unlimited number of procedures?
- Yes, Your Philips Zoom will become totally unlimited.

2. How much does the delivery cost and takes?
- Door to door delivery by DHL takes about 3 business days and is free.

3. What is the warranty period for Infiniter?
- It is 10 years.

4. Is there money-back-guarantee?
- Yes, you can get a full refund during the next 30 days after product delivery.

5. What gel can be used?
- You are free to choose the whitening gels and consumable trademarks: any of them can be used.

  • оriginal Zoom (saved in previous sessions);
  • Beyond Max5 Whitening kit;
  • FGM Whiteness.
  • W-Gel

6. How should I place the order?
- Press "Pay via PayPal" button and follow the instructions, or send 389$ via PayPal to our account:

7. How to make a wholesale order (3 or more pieces)?
- Send an email to
- Send a message to WhatsApp +38-067-111-47-00

8. Is your adapter suitable for all versions of Zoom?
- Yes, Infiniter works with all versions including:

  • Zoom 2.
  • Zoom 3 Advanced Power.
  • The latest version Zoom 4 WhiteSpeed with LED lamp.

9. From which country do you send it?
- RnD, manufacturing and sending are from Ukraine. About company


Bleach Infiniter successfully works in 52 countries:




Saudi Arabia
South Africa
The Caribbean Is.

We are shipping to ~200 countries where DHL operates.

Unlimited Infiniter for Zoom

The cost price of the vast majority of paid services, including medical one, consists of the price of consumables at 50%. It is noteworthy that the higher is the price of consumables than the lower is the margin that forms the net profit, since the total price of the service should be competitive in the market environment. It is very difficult to increase you income, but possible!

The Dutch company Royal Philips Electronics initiated a merger with Discus Dental Holdings in 2010. As a result the works of the last one received a new stage of development and quality improvement. Philips zoom teeth whitening kit is a classic example of that; it is effective but rather expensive to maintain. The main problem of all Zoom whitening supplies (Zoom 2, Zoom Advanced Power, Zoom Advanced Power Plus and Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ZM3000) is the replaceable guides for zoom Philips limited by 4 procedures, and when it runs out you need to pay 130$ for a new guide. It looks like the cost price of the 1 procedure is equal to 32,5$ not including equipment depreciation.

What is the core of our offer? We can fully take off the limitation for the number of procedures with Philips Zoom chairside light activated whitening kit! You can make limitless even the most widespread version of the Philips Zoom whitening kit (Zoom 3 Advanced Power or Zoom 3 Advanced Power Plus) by means of our chip - Unlimited Zoom Infiniter. Making the investment once for the sum of 389$ (that is retail; wholesale is three times cheaper), you will earn money with your Zoom 3 Advanced Power Whitening System after the 16th procedure as a result of the absence of additional expenses for the original cartridges. In the other words, the only thing you will need for the elite whitening with the Zoom 3 Advanced Power Teeth Whitening is a good gel (native Zoom2 is not mandatory, after installation of the chip it may be replaced by any affordable analogue) and THAT IS ALL!

A lot of our clients told us that they were trying on their own to find some algorithm of the procedure to reprogram Philips Zoom 2 unlimited chip, and to find the hint how to annul the Zoom AP chip and the previous versions of the system. We would like to assure you that this is impossible without special skills and some specific equipment. To receive the successful example of Philips Zoom unlimited chip (cartridge) it will take the hard work of our key programmer technician, long period of time and a series of errors/failures. The found gap in the protocol of connection of Philip Zoom is universal for any system of any generation and it was successfully tested in the real life. This is the rare case in trade, when the product really helps to increase income for the buyer and the seller putting the sale on the flow shares the actual and agile solution.

Buying Philips Zoom whitening lamp unlimited chip, you can rely on:

  • Easy installation. You do not need to disassemble/unscrew something, just change one chip to the other one (as shown in the video guide posted on the website). Changing it once, you receive the unblocked Philips Zoom whitening kit forever.

  • Real savings. The arithmetic is simple: to pay 130$ for every subsequent 4 whitening procedures or to pay 389$ once for their unlimited number. Besides, the lack of software and hardware lock in Zoom whitening light guide chipallows using cheaper and more affordable consumables, than official one.

  • Warranty & Service. You can return our chip during 30 days and use the full warranty package during the whole year. We will deliver the goods for free; explain the details of its use, answer all related questions.

  • Possibility of partnership. Our wholesale prices are cheaper a lot: only 270$ per unit if you buy zoom whitening kit in 3 units or more. We have a direct interest in the long-term and mutually beneficial working relationship, so we will consider and support all your initiatives in this regard.

With our endless cartridge your income increases in times!
Bleach Infiniter is better way of decoding zoom bleaching system