Elon Musk on how companies make most of their money from selling spare parts.


Nobody likes limits. Nobody wants to be limited by something or someone.

Nobody wants to overpay when there's a chance to save.

But as often it happens, companies make us dependant on their products. Sometimes they make money not as much from their primary devices as from the spare parts. And often, they make money from consumables selling the products at zero margins or even at a loss.

And that is what Elon Musk talks about in his Third Row Tesla Podcast - Elon's Story Part 2.

He gives an example about spare parts for cars cartridges for printers, blades for razors and videogames for gaming console XBox.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a6lF2Ss3G4

As for printers and cartridges, many of you possibly remember the company called ColorWay, which has been successfully supplying inks for different models of cartridges for printers. It seems to be much more profitable to refill the cartridge with ink than to overpay for another one.

Back in 2012, when our local dental friends started using the Zoom chairside whitening system, they highly evaluated its effectiveness. The speed and quality of whitening results were perfect.
But soon after, it turned out that our friends had remaining bleaching material left that could be used to serve another patient. But here's the problem - there were no light guides left. And as you know, Zoom whitening light shows "replace guide" or "attach guide" status on the screen. It won't launch without a light guide.
Our friends considered it irrational, which is not surprising because they were losing their money!

Soon after, in 2015, we, a group of engineers, accepted that challenge and managed to unlock our friend's Zoom WhiteSpeed device. We were happy to help him and other dental friends to get rid of the annoying limitation and thus to save a significant amount of money on performing Zoom whitening treatment with no loss in quality. For over five years, we've been helping dental professionals from all around the globe to work independently. If you also want to start working without limits, we are always here to help you.

Alex Rudyi,
Developing manager, Sales, and Customer support