Elon Musk on how companies make most of their money from selling spare parts.

Nobody likes limits. Nobody wants to be limited by something or someone.

Nobody wants to overpay when there's a chance to save.

But as often it happens, companies make us dependant on their products. Sometimes they make money not as much from their primary devices as from the spare parts. And often, they make money from consumables selling the products at zero margins or even at a loss.

And that is what Elon Musk talks about in his Third Row Tesla Podcast - Elon's Story Part 2.

He gives an example about spare parts for cars cartridges for printers, blades for razors and videogames for gaming console XBox.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a6lF2Ss3G4

As for printers and cartridges, many of you possibly remember the company called ColorWay, which has been successfully supplying inks for different models of cartridges for printers. It seems to be much more profitable to refill the cartridge with ink than to overpay for another one.

Back in 2012, when our local dental friends started using the Zoom chairside whitening system, they highly evaluated its effectiveness. The speed and quality of whitening results were perfect.
But soon after, it turned out that our friends had remaining bleaching material left that could be used to serve another patient. But here's the problem - there were no light guides left. And as you know, Zoom whitening light shows "replace guide" or "attach guide" status on the screen. It won't launch without a light guide.
Our friends considered it irrational, which is not surprising because they were losing their money!

Soon after, in 2015, we, a group of engineers, accepted that challenge and managed to unlock our friend's Zoom WhiteSpeed device. We were happy to help him and other dental friends to get rid of the annoying limitation and thus to save a significant amount of money on performing Zoom whitening treatment with no loss in quality. For over five years, we've been helping dental professionals from all around the globe to work independently. If you also want to start working without limits, we are always here to help you.

Alex Rudyi,
Developing manager, Sales, and Customer support


Has no parallel in the world. Chip is manufactured in our own production in Kyiv, Ukraine.


All the chips we ever sold have been lasting until now.


Initially chip was invented for Zoom Whitespeed by Philips but it also is compatible with Zoom Advanced Power and Advanced Power Plus.


Установить чип Bleach Infiniter может любой специалист клиники. Требуется только отвертка.


Среднее время установки чипа в лампу  - 40 секунд.


Ваша лампа остается на гарантии завода изготовителя Philips.


Стоимость чипа 339 долларов США. Доставка в любую страну мира осуществляется за счет нашей компании. После оплаты мы пришлем на ваш емайл номер для отслеживания пути. Доставка 1-2 недели в зависимости от вашей страны.

What else will you invent to us?
elena naumova, dentist

We have been using Philips equipment for teeth whitening for 5 years, but the guides seemed very expensive, because we often need to buy new Whitespeed Chairside Kit. We bought Infiniter which made guides for zoom bleaching much easier and cheaper. Such decision allowed us to buy only gels for teeth whitening, and we do not pay for the chip. I want to thank Bleach Infiniter for such innovation, for such an adapter, and for the fast delivery.

Review of Elena Naumova 2017. old chip version
review Elena naumova 2018. new chip version
Ekaterina, clinic manager

As any businessman wants to save, but at the same time that would not be damaged quality. In this we helped Bleach Infiniter for Zoom, which can unlock WhiteSpeed and give an unlimited number of cycles. Thanks to that guides for zoom whitening, we saved a large amount of money and did not lose in quality. It works on all modes (Low, Medium, High). At work there were no failures and censures, we get a chic result. For a year the battery-powered version was working, and for the New Year we received a new version as a gift - guide for zoom dental (chip without batteries). It is more convenient. The acquisition of Bleach Infiniter is one of the most profitable investments lately.

ARIK, dentist

My name is Arik. I'm a dental doctor therapist in Moscow. We have been using Zoom lamp for about 2 years. Four months ago, we bought a special adapter. What is the purpose of the adapter? It gives us the ability to use the Zoom lamp without any restrictions and guides for zoom discus. It means we don't have to buy a full bundle (gel and chip) for each procedure anymore. We purchase only gel. So, we have successfully reduced the cost of the bleaсhing procedure. I will demonstrate you how it works. At the moment, the zoom is turned off. We turn zoom lamp on to find out the lamp is not working. Now, we activate the adapter, and we get a working lamp! That is how we reduce the costs of bleaching procedure. It will make the process of teeth whitening more available for customers. We are thankful to Bleach Infiniter for giving us such opportunity. Good luck!

Maria, the head of the clinic

I was advised to take apart Philips Zoom and attach the lamp switcher, but I did not want the technician to adjust such a complicated and expensive device. The colleague who has already tried Bleach Infiniter advised me it by proving there is an external solution without the need to get into the details. I am already using Infiniter for more than a year, and I am satisfied with its functionality like original guide for zoom discus dental.

Peter, equipment repair technician

Isn’t it wonderful that there is a device capable of solving the problem of limitation? It is a very favorable offer in terms of convenience and price, especially since the guys offer a discount for technicians. I’ve already installed Bleach Infiniter to some of my regular customers and help them with expensive guides for zoom advanced power. They are pleased with its work, which allows me to gain some extra money.

Interesting to know (Useful information)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you give warranty for a chip?

Answer: Chip was initially invented as a reliable and long-lasting module. We had made multiple number of tests to make sure that a chip lasts in non-stop mode 24/7 for many years. Warranty for Bleach Infiniter is 10 years but we are sure that chip will last much longer.

1. Is it right that I simply take out the old chip and then insert the adapter chip to conduct an unlimited number of procedures

Answer: Yes, Your Zoom light will become totally unlimited until the unlimited chip attached. You can easily detach a light guide with Bleach Infiniter installed and upgrade your Zoom light to a newer model from your supplier. A chip does not affect on your device, it simply gives a response to your device about how many cycles still available.

What makes the chip give an unlimited number of cycles? Does it affect on my Zoom device in any way?

Answer: A chip does not affect on your light in any way since it does not require any consumption, it’s an external solution. Just like a Sim card on the phone, it only has a software which gives a response about how many cycles still available.

4 sessions on Whitespeed zoom light
So my light becomes unlimited forever?

Answer: Yes. After you detach an unlimited guide, your device becomes limited as before. (There is no way to check that unlimited chip ever been used with your light.)

What is the guarantee I will receive my item?

Answer: We offer PayPal payments system to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations by the seller. In case the customers do not accept any conditions or stay dissatisfied, they can request their money back.

In the case of payment of purchases to be delivered, the money will not be credited to the seller’s account until the buyer confirms the delivery, or the dispute’s opening time expires. Within 180 days from the moment of payment, the buyer has the opportunity to open a dispute if the delivered goods differ from the ordered one, or the delivery has not been carried out. If the buyer and the seller could not come to a mutual agreement, the dispute can be transferred to the claim. A claim may be placed within 20 calendar days from the date the dispute was opened. If PayPal decides in favor of the buyer, the full purchase price, including shipping costs, will be refunded.

Read more about user protection and security on the official PayPal website: www.paypal.com/security

Is Bleach Infiniter compatible with all versions of Zoom lights?

Answer: Yes, Infiniter works with all versions including:Zoom 2.Zoom 3 Advanced Power.The latest version Zoom 4 WhiteSpeed with LED lamp.

120 minutes long tests and demonstration video of the chip on all intensity modes. We show multiple numbers of short and full 15 cycles. The device shows 4 of 4 cycles available after each cycle.

To confirm the continuity of filming and the authenticity of the video, there is a clock next to the lamp.

What gel can be used?

You are free to choose the whitening gels and consumable trademarks: any of them can be used.

Original gel from Philips kit

Most dentists, who have been already working with an unlimited chip, continue to use the original Philips gel (whitening kit). With this approach, they use the gel from the kit on two patients for 4-6 procedures and thus make the bleaching procedure itself cheaper.

But there are also analogues of the gel, which are cheaper and are successfully used in practice.

Different gels

We would like to draw your attention to those alternative bleaching material which is widely used by our current customers and already proved it’s worth in daily Zoom whitening performance.

  • Beyond MAX whitening kit;

  • Belle MAX Bleach Bleaching System;

  • Amazing White Universal whitening kit;

  • FGM Whiteness;

  • WSD Labs USA;

  • WhiteSmile;

  • others


As you can see, ZOOM gel can be purchased at a lower price than Philips kits. At the same time, the cost of the whitening procedure will cost your dental practice several times cheaper. So when using the Amazing White Universal gel, the cost price of one bleaching procedure will be $15 only

It’s your decision which light-activated bleaching material to use but we know for sure which chip you need - the chip Bleach Infiniter! Order now and start saving!

Verified! Works!

The prime cost of the original 1 patient Zoom kit achieves $120. Without our chip, the clinic is forced to spend this particular amount of money each time it buys a new kit

After installing Bleach Infiniter for zoom, you can buy any other whitening paste designed for a larger patients’ turnover. It will be much cheaper than Zoom Chairside Kit - just calculate the price per procedure! For instance, Beyond MAX 5 is designed for 5 patients, and its price is up to $115, which means the prime cost of one session per patient is up to $23.

SINCE 2015
History of the company

An intern has accidentally chosen to start the procedure of teeth whitening on Philips Zoom, but the patient was not served. At the same time, the procedure was written off. The trainee was reprimanded, and a month later, another girl repeated the same mistake.

The doctor was upset and complained to the engineer. He wondered how it was possible to make that sort of mistake. He could not get why such devices do not have any protection against the accidental operations.

unlimited adapter for Zoom 2 Discus Dental ver 1.3 and 1.8
chip version 4.0 (2015-2017)

A computer engineer wanted to decipher the operation protocol just for fun. As a result, after 2.5 months of restless night shifts in 2015 he managed to develop a device adapter that solved the problem of consumables.

Local hospital management shared this innovation with its friends from the other clinics. The news about this adapter spread very quickly. Soon, other hospitals asked the engineer to make the same adapters for them.

During 2016 and 2017 years we were trying to minimize Infiniter that has size 17*37*63 mm and it has wire and 3 AAA batteries.

endless light guide for Philips Zoom lamp
ultra chip version (2017-n.)

In September 2017 we developed new product Bleach Infiniter Ultra. Bleach Infiniter Ultra is only small electronic board/chip with size 1*8*18 mm.