How to Do Zoom Whitening

Detailed Instructions and Guidelines on How to Do Zoom Whitening

Zoom is a bleaching process that is getting popular around the world. Drinking tea and coffee are the top reasons for teeth discoloration. Additionally, the usual aging process will also affect the condition of your enamel and dentin. Fortunately, with the continuous development and improvement of the market and appearance of new products, people have got an opportunity to enjoy their charming smiles longer.

The advanced formula of Zoom is aimed at an efficient bleaching process that is both effective and safe. Dentists worldwide start using Zoom to provide their clients with the desired results at a competitive cost. In addition to the original product, there is an opportunity to purchase a Bleach Infiniter chip, which makes the unlimited number of light cycles possible.

How to Do Zoom Whitening: Key Steps to Flawless Results

Bleaching is not long or complicated, but it is quite responsible, though. The dentist must follow safety recommendations to achieve the desired effect, eliminating any risks:

  • Get the equipment ready for whitening. Attach the light guide with Bleach Infiniter chip to your Zoom light;
  • Start with a regular dental check;
  • Ordinary teeth cleaning is the second step you need to take before Zoom bleaching;
  • Measure teeth whiteness by image analysis;
  • Proceed directly to the procedure;
  • Applying the relief gel for five minutes before and after the whitening process may eliminate discomfort and pain;
  • Cover teeth with Zoom whitening gel;
  • Turn the light on and make three 15-minute whitening cycles;
  • Enjoy an impeccable result.

The whole process will not take more than an hour, but the result is worth the effort, time, and money. Zoom whitening kit combined with unlimited light guide Bleach Infiniter is an impressive combination that takes dentist services to a completely new level.


How to Do Zoom Whitening: Basics to Mind before the Experience

Zoom whitening technology has been known for over 20 years, it is still popular. At the same time, skeptics emphasize the high cost and poor safety of the experience.

In fact, following the above-mentioned guidelines, every dentist can perform the procedure efficiently and without any risks. Additionally, the use of Bleach Infiniter will decrease the cost as you will have a chance to use the same chip for much more than four cycles. And 10-year warranty with dependable after-sales support will contribute to the experience.