Bleach Infiniter: Contributing to an Unlimited Use of the Appliance

In modern society, people start paying more attention to different aspects of their appearance. Consequently, the popularity of various health and beauty procedures is constantly growing. When it comes to dentistry, you may notice an increasing demand for the teeth bleaching service.

Philips Zoom Whitening is an ultimate solution to teeth discoloration issues that professionals utilize worldwide to provide customers with the best quality and price correlation. According to the reviews of numerous dentists, the whitening equipment is convenient, efficient, versatile, and beneficial. Specialists should decide whether they want to work with a light guide from kit or purchase the limitless chip Infiniter.


How to Reset Zoom Light Guide for Reuse: Features and Specifications

Before you proceed to the whitening process, double-check if the Zoom device is all set. The light guide is the basic detail that plays a crucial role, as it is attached to the lamp, launching its work. It is a plastic nozzle that comes with a little chip inside. It provides four cycles, 15 minutes each. Then, as mentioned in the guidelines, the light guide should be replaced with a new one, as the chip there is non-reusable.

With the development of technology, dental experts have got a chance to bypass the limitation of a light guide from a kit. The unlimited chip gives an indefinite number of cycles, reducing effort for the dentist and cost for the client.


How to Turn Zoom Bleaching Light on Without the Guide Button

Following the instructions for use, to turn on the Zoom device, it is inevitable to install the light guide first. While the authentic guide should be replaced after every bleaching cycle, endless Bleach Infiniter can be used an unlimited number of times. The chip features a specific software, which sets off the light.

Bleach Infiniter is sold preinstalled in the standard plastic light guide from a kit, which analogizes to the dimensions of the original Philips Zoom appliance. The appliance will always indicate the same number (4 of 4) of cycles on the screen. The item can be removed anytime and replaced with the original one, making the device limited again.

Bleach Infiniter is the best solution for dental practitioners who want to hack a non-disposable light guide and get an opportunity to turn on the whitening light without replacement guides.